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We build the most technologically advanced soapstone heaters on the market.

We fully and thoroughly engineer the layout of the heater core in our in-house design department. All drawings are done with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems and are then relayed to the production facility to ensure exacting fit and finish.

Highest quality stone from our own quarries guarantees that only the most suitable stone is used in your new heater. Our stone has a higher than usual content of talc and magnesium and no quartz enclosures and can withstand the direct heat of the flame in the firebox better than soapstone used by others.

All soapstone design!

Throughout the heater, firebox, core and decorative surround, we use only highest quality soapstone to ensure the highest heat storage capacity, more durable construction, and longer life. No firebrick is used in the construction of our heaters. This results in much deeper radiation into the room than heaters with firebrick or firebrick core due to the much higher specific heat capacity of soapstone.

Years of development and design guarantee that the construction of the combustion chamber will perform with the greatest efficiency and cleanliness possible. Due to stringent European emission standards and hiogh fuel costs, our furnaces are optimized to achieve outstandingly complete combustion, and as a result burn more cleanly than those of any of our competitors, and far better than EPA standards.

One of the main contributors to the efficiency of a heater is the air-tightness of the construction, particularly the doors to the combustion chamber and the ash removal chamber. Any air leakage through the doors will significantly and negatively impact the efficiency of your heater. Our state-of-the-art doors are guaranteed to be air-tight.

Less fuel use from high burn efficiency gives you faster payback on your investment.

We offer complete and integrated service from design through installation and commissioning.

You can choose from our North American model line-up or we can help design you a custom heater to suit your special circumstances or design ideas.

Our heaters function as a stand-alone heating system, providing you with radiant heat coming directly from the heater.

Our heater can also be fully integrated into your existing or new heating system by using our optional Heat Exchange System, providing distributed heat via a hot water based system that can also provide domestic hot water.

Our own quarries and in-house fabrication, direct-to-client delivery system, and German trained Master Installers provide you with a turnkey installation at a price point that is very competitive.

Please browse our pages here and contact us for more information or a customized quote at the email address shown below.

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Soapstone from mine to warm
Soapstone from mine to warm
Soapstone from mine to warm
Soapstone from mine to warm
Soapstone from mine to warm
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