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Custom Heaters


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In addition to the standard models shown on the previous pages we can fulfill just about all your design ideas and offer a whole list of options to customize your soapstone heater.

The main body of the heater can be configured in dark or light colored stone or any combination thereof. The body can be bare are shown here or the edges can be chamfered, rounded or squared.

Heaters come in two different depths: 21" and 27"

Heaters also come in four heights: 49", 61", 66" and 73"

The front of the heater can be bare as shown here or can have columns or natural stone inserts.

Our soapstone can be finished in a variety of surface finishes: Brushed, polished, matte, or natural soapstone.

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Whole House System

Our exclusive heat exchange option lets you integrate your soapstone heater into your (existing or new construction) hot water-based heating system. Now the fire you are enjoying not only warms you in your family room, but gives you a hot shower later and lets you transfer some of the heat output to other rooms of your house.

End result - you save! Over 700 installed systems prove our experience and expertise.

The optional heat exchange system is available for all XL models in the Mt Washington, Franklin and Jefferson range.

System 1
For existing heating systems, separate DHW heater in place, boiler under 10 years old. For base configurations like this we can offer our heat exchanger package, including thermal overload protection valve, electronic control module HRM-R1, variable speed circulator and highly stratifying buffer tank. There is a separate solar thermal option for this system offering even more efficiency.

System 2 (remodel)
For this base configuration we can offer our heat exchanger package #2 which includes a Tank in Tank buffer, supplying you with domestic hot water and inputs for oil/gas boiler, heat pump, solar thermal, and outputs for domestic hot water and 2 different heating circuits, basically replacing your existing setup with an all in one unit, otherwise like system 1.

System 3 (new construction)
For this configuration we recommend a new boiler and/or heat pump and possibly solar thermal option our tank in tank buffer (all in one solution) incl DHW. Otherwise like system 1.

Please contact us for pricing and design guidance on any of these heat exchanger systems.

spacer spacerHeat Exchanger

Contractor information:
The tested and desirable heat output of the heat exchanger is between 20000btu/h and 40000btu/h - an excellent value.

With an average burn time of 3 hours per day you are transferring 120kBtu to your heating system or hot water tank. It takes about 8 Btu to heat one gallon of water by one degree F, so with 120,000 Btu you will heat 214 gallons from 50°F to 120°F.

Heat exchange system connects soapstone heater to the heating system.

Extremely hot flue gasses stream through the heat exchange system transferring so much heat to the water that a substantial reduction in seasonal heating costs is achieved.

Our soapstone heaters can also supply heat for an air-to air heat pump or water heater. The efficiency of the heat pump improves, reducing your electric bill.

Technical data:
  Operating pressure: max 43psi Safety valve set point 36 psi
  Temperature: max 230°F, thermal flush set point 203°F
  Output: between 20,000 and 40,000 BTU/h
  Water content: 5.5 gallons
  Heat exchanger surface: 13 ft²
  Pressure release for thermal flush safety valve: max 145 psi
  • supply to buffer R1
  • return R1
  • thermal flush R1/8
  • Temperature sensor wells Rp 
  • Installation: Usually connected to a buffer tank which is also supplied by other heat sources (like solar or heat pump). In the supply or return run a circulator with thermal control is installed, if the water temperature in the heat exchanger exceeds 140°F the hot water is transferred from the heat exchanger to heating systems buffer tank.

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